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Complete and comprehensive survey of the kiln under full production conditions yielding following standard data:

• Kiln axis in horizontal and vertical plane defined   between the first and last pier of the kiln; kiln   inclination (slope)

• Axial coordinates of each roller, in horizontal and vertical   plane,  measured on the shaft of each roller and   calculated at adjustment screws
• Roller and tire face profiles, measured across entire face    of tires/rollers, roller shaft deflections
• Tire wobble (axial runout), pier movement, pier    settlement, frame inclination
• Ovality and tire clearance (gap) measurements, at each    tire (uphill and downhill)
• Girth gear radial runout (eccentricity), rim face (axial)    runout
• Pinion axis in horizontal and vertical plane, dual pinion    survey (elevation, working angle) drive survey, gear    meshing (root clearance)
• Roller adjustments to re-lign the kiln, adjustment    program and step-by-step schedule, control check to    verify kiln axis after completion of adjustments
• Mechanical inspection report with recommendations for    repairs/improvements
Examples shown are from the actual alignment work on kilns of all type and manufacturer, beginning in 1985.

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